Hi, I’m here!

So yeah, I’m completely new to WordPress, and in case you are new to me as well, here’s a brief introduction:

I’m an aspiring arts and crafts enthusiast from Finland. I would love to post tutorials for the things I do, but truth be told I’m probably not where I’d need to be to post those. I’m still very much learning myself. But if you’re interested in checking out the things I’ve managed to make so far, this is where I plan to post them.

I love cats (I have two of my own), owls (don’t currently own any though) and of course Arctic foxes (which are extremely endangered in Finland, so having them as pets would be a tad problematic). I’m also a bit of a fan of many things Japanese. I’m currently exploring the wonderful world of miniatures by making them from porcelain or polymer clays, wool, yarn, paper… whatever I can get my hands on. I also enjoy drawing, watercolours (using them, not eating), acrylics (occasional consumption… what, no wait…!), scrap-booking, book-binding, card-making, writing, singing, glass-fusing, mosaics, porcelain-painting, needle-felting, sewing, crocheting, knitting… you get the gist.

Nice to meet you and thanks for popping by!

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