It’s now been a couple of months since I discovered pocket letters and I feel like I’m finally getting a hang of it. I’m still very slow so I usually only schedule one letter per two weeks or so, but I’ve finished 7. I also have one I’m currently working on and a couple of ideas I’ve started. There’s still the issue of not finding the right size envelopes, and so I thought I’d share what I’m doing to combat that.

Without further ado, here’s how to extend envelopes… (excuse the mess)

First, in a completely unexpected twist of events, I cut the envelopes in half like so:


Then, I released my inner ogre and started ripping the thing apart.


Hey, what do you know, these images are not even the same hue. Great camera & photo editing work, Napuke! You rule!

Here’s how I taped that thing back together. This is actually the trickiest part. To ensure everyone else fails at this, I’ve taken all the helpful weight stuff that held the pieces nicely put, out of the picture. Go ahead and try to tape them together without any help. Use your third and fourth hand. It’ll be easy!


And now take a moment to rest your eyes on that clean cutting mat. Isn’t it a beauty? …Moving on.


Wrap that tape all around the envelope, including the inside, or else it’s going to be all sticky. After getting the first half in place, you really don’t want the additional trouble, however, if you’re feeling adventurous, do just one side and let me know how it went (maybe you wanted two little pockets instead of one big one? That could be our new thing, the twin pocket letter!). Just be forewarned that this venture may stretch your nerves a bit (unless you’re a magical crafts beast already, in which case you wouldn’t even need a tutorial for this, so I’m assuming you’re not). Once you are done with your taping, you can go ahead and glue the sides. It will look wrinkly and crappy (unless you used like some mythical secret heat gun trick to warm up the glue before you ripped the letter open, but that’s for like advanced über craftspeople and we won’t be learning that type of usefulness here), but that’s what decorative tape is for!


Now, go ahead and go ahead and decorate the living sh*t out of that envelope so that at least in theory no one will notice what a shoddy piece of doodoo it really is.


We can now go ahead and go ahead and go ahead and get creative! The more tape you add, the better chance it has to stay in one piece in the mail, because what’s the sport in using bubble envelopes anyway? Live dangerously, send it out as it is! That way you can prove to the world how stingy you really are by saving a couple of cents and you and your swap partner can both enjoy the excitement of wondering if it will break or disappear in the mail.

Also, if you are making a tutorial, here’s an extra pro tip: You can hide that pesky cat hair that you’ve trapped under a tape that won’t come off, by strategically placing the rolls of tape on top of it so it won’t show in your super high class images! No one will realise. They’ll just think you have absolutely no eye for layouts, but that’s a minor detail. And you can enforce the effect by not colour correcting your images at all. You can use that time you saved more productively by cackling and rubbing your hands together manically in your crafts corner. That’s what I do. I highly recommend it.

And finally, here’s what I made this time around. Now you can go ahead and go ahead and go ahead and go ahead and make some yourself. Good luck!



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