Comment Section Drama

So, I’m still talking about Baylee Jae’s art block video. This is my take on what’s happening in the comment section.

  • Some people were upset
  • Other people don’t see why Some people got upset, so they accuse Some people of getting upset over nothing.
  • Reason for upset still exists though Other people don’t see it. Some people try to tell Other people this. Other people confuse reason with another different reason, y.
  • Other people also get upset because Some people are upset at both Baylee and them.
  • Baylee does nothing to diffuse the situation, so Some people get even more upset.
  • Other people get even more upset because clearly Some people are overreacting again. The world is a harsh place, you should just deal, get over it already. Other people still don’t see what the fuss is about. They accuse Some people of just not understanding reality, when they themselves misunderstand what Some people are upset about.
  • Baylee changes description.
  • Some people are still dissatisfied (not all of the previous Some, but some nontheless), they point out it’s not enough. This sentiment gets lost in the comments.
  • Some people would like an apology.
  • Other people and Baylee probably misundestand what the apology is about and refuse, because they feel they did nothing wrong by just expressing their opinion.
  • Some people were not upset about the opinion thing. They were not upset about the subject matter either. They had other reasons to be upset about.
  • Misunderstanding continues.
  • New people come in. They haven’t seen the old description, so they definitely think Some people are overreacting. Sheesh, get over it, this video is CLEARLY about thing x, it says so in the description!
  • Everyone finds the multitude of comments overwhelming and overreact.
  • Some people are still upset that their hurt hasn’t been validated at any point. Baylee or Other people seem very unempathetic, so Some people point this out. They say Baylee is being rude.
  • Other people tell Some people they are being rude at Baylee because they are telling Baylee she is rude. They still don’t see what the fuss is about.
  • There’s a shit load of comments, so maybe it’s no suprise Some people’s thoughts aren’t being heard and Other people don’t receive enough information to understand what the fuss is about. They assume it’s reason z. Z is still not the reason.
  • No one actually reads the comments. Too bad (s)he is the only one. Everyone else just leaves their own comments.
  • Everyone else are also pretty opinionated and have their own assumptions about Some people, so many of them don’t really even care to read what Some people have to say. They’ve already made up their mind.
  • Some threads have some weirdo called Napuke commenting these long-ass comments that no one’s got time to read. For some reason they still keep coming, what the hell.
  • Napuke is desperately trying to make Other people see what Some people are trying to say. Not all people, just Some people. She knows it’s futile, but she hopes at least Someone is watching. Maybe that Someone will recognise the situation the next time. Maybe Someone will validate Some people’s feelings at some point, maybe Someone will help Baylee realise and understand what she’s not seeing. Maybe Someone will have the right words, right timing, to make it at least a little better…

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